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Zakkpac Brew Kit

Our exclusive Zakkpac Brew Kit Bag comes packed with all your travel coffee needs: an Aeropress for adventurous brewing, a 12 oz blue MiiR Travel Mug to keep your drink insulated,  and the Hario Skerton Mill so you can always grind fresh coffee, even without electricity.

Ideal to keep your coffee essentials at hand anytime you’re on-the-go, from the daily back to school routine to outdoor weekends away. Makes a great gift for the coffee loving adventurer in your life.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Zakkpac Brew Kit on a a counter.

Design Story

On-the-Go Coffee Essentials

Adventurous Aeropress

Easily the most durable and portable option for brewing quality coffee. The Aeropress produces a cup that’s thick and focused, but still quite nuanced.

MiiR Travel Mug

This staff favorite travel mug keeps hot drinks hot and iced drinks refreshing for hours on end thanks to MiiR’s innovative thermal insulation.

Hario Skerton Mill

No motor necessary for this compact, hand-powered grinder. We love it as much for coffee at home as for camping weekends away.