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Robusta Blend No. 1

This blend stands to question everything the world believes about the robusta species. Through visionary coffee blending, meticulous and adaptive roasting, and explorative sourcing, we created a blend that redefines robusta. Smokey and delightfully bitter, robusta anchors this blend against bright, fruity Ethiopian arabica, and creates texture amidst the smooth sweetness of Latin American arabica.

Bag Size: 12 Ounces

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Flavor Profile

Dark Chocolate, Scotch, Raspberry

  • Flavor

  • Roast

chocolate, berries and scotch
coffee on wooden counter in glass mug

Blend Story

Robusta Blend

When we created a robusta-focused blend, we knew two things: 1. Robusta has not been utilized to its full potential, 2. Bringing out its full potential takes artistry. We diverged from the typical use of robusta in espresso to harness its deep flavor for the pour over. We slow-roast the beans to bring out their full expression, gradually building the body and softening the intense flavors.

Origin and Partnerships

The Story of Vietnam’s Robusta

Vietnam is the second largest coffee-producing country in the world. Yet, it can’t be found on the specialty map because these coffees are predominantly robusta. With the new industry standard, called Fine Robusta, a place has been made for Vietnamese producers in the specialty world. Through selective harvesting and honey processing, this blend’s robusta exceeds expectations.

coffee in hasami mug
coffee beans being roasted

Roasting Profile

Small Batch Coffee, Fresh-Roasted Daily to Order

We employ the Japanese notion of Kaizen in our roasting practice. This idea of “good change” or “continuous improvement” drives our team to keep daily records of their tastings, always chasing better, more delicious, more consistent coffees.

We roast small batches on Loring machines around the world, so our coffee tastes not only luminous, but reliably consistent, from Tokyo to New York.