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Hasami Stackable Latte Cups

Our new latte cup set, from Japan-based designers Hasami Porcelain, is made for sharing lattes as beautiful and sophisticated as the conversations you enjoy while sipping them. As a stackable set of two, these simple and timeless porcelain cups will be the vessel you reach for every morning for you and your partner.

Fitting perfectly in the cradle of your palm at just over 6 oz, these cups are cozy as can be, great for a long pour of steamed milk over rich espresso.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

A Clean Aesthetic

We are drawn to Hasami Porcelain’s clean lines and minimalist design, born from 400 years of porcelain heritage. They meld centuries of Japanese tradition with modern concepts to create timeless pieces that function beautifully in every environment. These cups express the refined nature of their functional design by maintaining a simple aesthetic that does not distract or detract

hasami stackable latte cups
Hasami Stackable