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Ethiopia Natural Decaf

Our newest addition to the decaf family is breaking boundaries and adding dimension to the world of decaf. This coffee’s fruity and floral qualities give it a classic Ethiopian natural flavor profile, with vibrant notes of sweet berries and soft rose. All balanced against a rich, smooth taste of milk chocolate. It’s the complex and flavorful single origin decaf we’ve all been waiting for.

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Flavor Profile

Strawberry, Rose, Milk Chocolate

  • Flavor

  • Roast

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Innovation within Tradition

This coffee comes from our partners at METAD, who we’ve worked with for nearly a decade because of their commitment to quality, traceability, and sustainability. To offer a decaffeinated single origin in its full glory we turned to the Swiss Water Process. Using nothing but water, time, and temperature this process extracts the caffeine while leaving all the nuanced flavor behind.

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Water Process
Indigenous Arabica


Small Batch Coffee, Fresh-Roasted Daily to Order

We employ the Japanese notion of Kaizen in our roasting practice. This idea of “good change” or “continuous improvement” drives our team to keep daily records of their tastings, always chasing better, more delicious, more consistent coffees.We roast small batches on Loring machines around the world, so our coffee tastes not only luminous, but reliably consistent, from Tokyo to New York.

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