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Colombia Mauricio Shattah Yellow Bourbon

This coffee is as sweet as a schoolyard crush—fruity, delicate peach sweetness intermingles with thicker, richer caramel, while an aroma of fresh-cut roses ties it all together for a taste of pure, doe-eyed love. Shattah uses anaerobic fermentation combined with honey processing to create a subtle complexity that is responsible for the soft notes of stone fruit and overall balanced composition.

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The Science Behind Delicious

We have received some of our most notable coffees from producer Mauricio Shattah and his microlots in Tolima, Colombia. Trained as a doctor, Shattah walked away from a successful career in the city to start one of the most progressive coffee estates in the world. Today, he grows many rare varieties, but it’s the estate’s unique, scientific approach to post-harvest processing that sets it apart.

map of south amercia with colombia pinned
Tolima, Colombia
Anaerobic Honey
Yellow Bourbon
1,700 meters
Colombia Mauricio Shattah Yellow Bourbon