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Classic Blend Granola with Your Choice of a Blue Bottle Coffee Blend

We sought to refine a familiar comfort in this breakfast staple. Baked slowly with warm spices and both maple syrup and brown sugar, our Classic Blend Granola is rich without being heavy, and has that satisfying crunch you crave. To further draw out its flavor, pair our granola with one of our Organic coffee blends.

Try it Blue Bottle cafe style with steamed milk, sprinkle it over yogurt, or eat it as a snack on its own—but always pair with a coffee on the side.

Set contains one 12-ounce bag of whole-bean coffee and one 8-ounce bag granola.

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Design Story

Your Coffee Choices

Bella Donovan

The cashmere sweater of our blends—comforting, cozy, and enveloping. This is our most popular blend, crafted from the archetypal Mocha-Java blend.

Hayes Valley Espresso

Our dark espresso blend, with rich, chocolaty flavors and notes of orange zest and brown sugar; this favorite is our standard espresso in all our cafes.

Giant Steps

Our boldest brew, with rich, chocolaty flavors and notes of dark caramel; we love it black, or with milk and even a little sweetener.