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Blue Bottle x Moleskine Coffee Journal

As coffee shop people ourselves, we’ve found that the person who loves coffee is more often than not the one  who loves scribbling thoughts in a beautifully bound journal. We partnered with Moleskine to bring you a custom journal made for coffee lovers, equipped with coffee information like brew methods and tasting guides, all bound up in Blue Bottle Coffee art.

Our Coffee Journal is the best tool for starting you or a loved one on a coffee journey.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

A Coffee Lover’s Companion

Better Brewing

To start the coffee journey, we equipped this journal with introductory brew guides. From hot to cold, we’ll guide you through brew methods that will help you taste all the nuances your coffee has to offer.

Tracking Your Taste

Once you’ve brewed your coffee, turn to the formatted tasting sheets for some fun. With guided tasting instructions, you’ll learn what to focus on and be able to find patterns across your favorite coffees.

Coffee Insights

And for all the brilliant insights that dawn on you in your caffeinated state (whether it be about coffee or just general geniusness), we saved room for you to take notes, journal, or doodle.

blue bottle coffee moleskin journal